A Tribute to FOM-Japan ‘Founder’, Torao Tomita

Mr. Torao Tomita, Professor Emeritus of St. Paul’s University in Tokyo and Chairman of Friends of MacDonald Japan, passed away on June 11, 2016 at the age of 87.  Prof. Tomita came across Ranald MacDonald in 1969 when he attended the live play “Grassroots Warriors” performed by the Bunka-za Theater Group. Tomita-san was quite intrigued when one of the actors – portraying an American Indian named Ranald MacDonald – proclaimed that “in America, the People are more important than the President”.  Based on this single statement, Mr. Tomita began doing his own research into the man Ranald MacDonald, reading everything he could find, including the Narrative written by MacDonald and visiting as many of the places MacDonald had mentioned, both in Japan and in America.  In 1979 Tomita translated Ranald’s Narrative into Japanese, and published his own revision in 1981 and again in 2012. Eventually, as his research continued, Mr. Tomita revised his original portrayal of Ranald MacDonald from a youth who seemed a rather “reckless adventurer” into a rational, deliberate and thoughtful adventurer.

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